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Yangzhou XinMing Metal Processing Co.,Ltd was established in 2001,owning more than 150 staff,and covering an area of nearly 20,000 sqaure meters.It is the new dveloping enterprises of the manufac-turing of domestic metallurgical equipment. In 2005.


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Our company held a quality mobilization meeting

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Recently, in response to brand development and market conditions, Yangzhou Xinming Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a member of China Quality Inspection Association, held a quality mobilization meeting in the large training room. The meeting focused on the current development of the company and the market, on product quality and service quality. Formed a unified understanding and provided strategic direction for the company's sustainable development.
At the meeting, the company participants actively discussed and agreed that product quality is the source of enterprise development. The importance of product quality to enterprises is self-evident. Without quality, there is no market. Without quality, there is no benefit. Without quality, there is no development. Excellent product quality is the most critical factor for the market. Who can provide customers with satisfactory products or services in a flexible and fast way, who can win the competitive advantage of the market, and who can stand in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. ! If you don't pay attention to the quality of the products, you will end up in a difficult way.
However, how to improve product quality? They believe that, first, we must do it seriously, start small things, do the details, and grasp the quality. The quality problem is the problem that is made. The quality problem has to be done well and done badly. It must start from small things, carefully control the quality of each link, and accumulate experience in the process of continuously solving problems, the same mistakes. Don't make a second time. Strive to do better! Second, we must have a good operating mechanism and a good quality control system, so that it is easier to manage and more convenient to find out where there are problems, in order to find a solution to the problem more quickly. Third, change the sense of concept and form a “no best, only better” enterprise that strives for superior quality awareness; increasing quality awareness is the key to improving product quality. It must be realized from consciousness that quality is the source of enterprise development. Unifying ideology, we can do every step in the process of action, in order to make better and more competitive products.