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China Steel Association: October crude steel production continues to remain low

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According to the China Steel Association, the daily crude steel output in October was 1.586 million tons, a slight decrease from the 1.618 million tons in September, a decrease of about 2%. Yesterday, United Metals analysts said that the low crude steel output in October was affected by the continuous progress of energy conservation and emission reduction. On the other hand, some enterprises arranged annual maintenance after entering the fourth quarter.
It is understood that the energy-saving and emission-reduction storm that started in September continued in October. At the beginning of the month, some steel mills in Henan and Shandong were affected by emission reductions. Later, some steel mills in Hebei Province that did not reduce emissions were added to the emission reduction ranks. In the last week of October, the emission reduction efforts of Tangshan and Langfang in Hebei Province increased, and the steel mills with steelmaking capacity in the Fengrun area of ​​Tangshan stopped production at 8:00 on the 28th. At the same time as emission reductions, some steel mills have arranged regular annual maintenance, such as Benxi Steel.
According to the joint metal network, at present, some steel mills continue to reduce emissions in November, while Baosteel and Taigang have arranged for maintenance of some equipment, thus maintaining the view that China's steel output will remain low in the fourth quarter. . Steel prices are pushing up due to reduced steel production. Only yesterday, dozens of steel companies raised the ex-factory price of steel. Among them, Linggang raised the ex-factory price of high-line and rebar by 30 yuan/ton; the rebar price of rebar for rebar and rebar in Guiyang area was 80 yuan/ton; and the ex-factory price of rebar for rebar and round steel was raised by 50 yuan/ton. The ex-factory price of the high-line and coiled snails is raised by 60 yuan/ton.