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The pace of transformation and upgrading of Tangshan Iron and Steel Industry is accelerating

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Tangshan is changing, and the steel industry in Tangshan is changing. From the closure of small steel mills to the realization of integration and restructuring, from the construction of Caofeidian circular economy zone to the focus on energy conservation and emission reduction... The rapid transformation of Tangshan's steel industry is based on the transformation of the entire city, the transformation and upgrading into a large background.
From building resource-friendly steel mills to extending the industrial chain to focus on the development of equipment manufacturing industry, from realizing water conservation in mine mining to traditional steel logistics enterprises in an innovative way to cultivate the market, the pace of transformation and upgrading of Tangshan steel industry is accelerating .
a mine that does not see waste accumulation
Today, the Sijiaying Iron Mine is not only worthy of high reserves of ore, it is also regarded as a model for mining ecological mining.
When we arrived at the Sijiaying Iron Mine in Jixian County, we saw a busy scene, a large earth-moving machine roaring, frequent transportation of vehicles, and iron ore piled up into hills. Sijiaying Iron Mine has rich ore resources, and the ore reserves account for more than 40% of the total reserves in the eastern part of the country. The total reserves of the south and north regions totaled 2.348 billion tons.
Those familiar with mining know that in terms of grades 20 to 30, mining produces more than 70% of the total excavation, and the ore is washed to form tailings. Construction of mining enterprises requires the acquisition of large amounts of land for the accumulation of geotechnical and tailings. Most of the mines are located in rural areas, and many of the land requisitioned are farmland. The accumulation of geotechnical and tailings takes up valuable land resources, and in the event of inclement weather, the collapse of the tailings pond is highly likely to cause an accident.
Around the Sijiaying mine, there is no place for the accumulation of geotechnical and tailings.
From the Sijiaying to the Sicao Railway in Tangshan Caofeidian, the geology produced by the Sijiaying Iron Mine was transported to Caofeidian, 100 kilometers away, for land reclamation. Compared with the sand-blown land made by Caofeidian, the cost of landfill for rock and earth reclamation is much lower than the cost of sand-filling and land-making, and waste utilization is realized.
During the process of mineral processing, a large amount of waste slurry is produced, and the tail water is formed after filtering the sewage. The problem of rock and soil accumulation has been solved. What should I do with the tailings pond?
27 kilometers away from the Sijiaying Mine is the Guye District of Tangshan City, which is rich in coal resources. The long-term coal mining has made the Guye District form a coal mining subsidence area.
Therefore, a pipeline for transporting abandoned slurry was repaired between Sijiaying and Guye District. After the slurry was transferred to Guye, the tailings that filtered out the sewage were filled into the coal mining subsidence area, and the sewage was purified by the treatment plant. Transported back to the mine as washing water. The staff told reporters that a small amount of groundwater should be used to remove the transportation equipment, and the washing water can be recycled.
According to the staff, only the first phase of the mine that has been mined will save 2,000 mu of land than the traditional mining method. The annual production of the second and third phases will be twice that of the first phase, and the area saved by the land will be saved. It will be even more impressive.
The geotechnical rock is used to reclaim land for land reclamation, and the tailings are used to fill the coal mining subsidence area. At the same time, the washing water is recycled. This kind of mining method protects the land and saves water resources. It is a model for mining ecological mining.
a garden-like steel plant
Since 2008, the green area of ​​the Tangshan Iron and Steel Plant has increased by 540,000 square meters, and the green coverage rate has increased from 21% to 42.4%. Such a high greening rate is unique in domestic steel mills.
In an interview with Tang Gang, the reporter saw that the factory area was orderly, the walls of the factory building were clean and grayish white, and the cars and bicycles were parked in designated areas. The roads were clean and spacious, and workers from working clothes were walking from time to time.
Maybe you can hardly believe that this describes a scene in a steel mill. When it comes to Tangshan's steel, it is necessary to talk about Tangshan Steel. Imagine an old steel company with more than 60 years of history. What should it look like in its factory? People who have been to Tangshan in the past are here again and are as shocked as we are.
Like many old steel mills, it is close to the city center, causing serious pollution, causing a burden on the urban environment. The voice of relocation is higher than the waves... It has become a problem that has plagued Tang Gang.
Since 2008, Tangshan Iron and Steel has carried out the largest and most powerful factory environment planning and management, dismantled backward production facilities, unplanned buildings of 330,000 square meters, and freed up 500,000 square meters of land.
In the case of abnormally tight funds, the steel garden and the water-based ecological park were built on the vacated land. The green area of ​​the plant increased by 540,000 square meters, and the green coverage rate increased from 21% to 42.4%. This high greening rate is It is unique in domestic steel mills.
Tang Gang’s change is far more than that.
In the blast furnace workshop in the southern district of Tangshan Iron and Steel, the reporter saw that the center of the workshop was a 3,200 cubic meter blast furnace. The smoke was not visible, and the dirty, chaotic and poor impressions were not seen. Instead, the clean production environment was replaced.
Song Liming, secretary of the Party branch of the workshop, told reporters that the waste gas and waste water generated during the steelmaking process have all been used.
The white air in the chimney floated slowly into the sky... This familiar scene was never seen in Tangshan. Converter gas and steelmaking steam are recovered for power generation. The generator sets in the low-temperature waste heat power generation project of Tangshan South District have all been put into operation, and the converter gas and waste heat steam in the southern area have achieved zero discharge. Only one converter gas and steam recycling will be used, and the annual efficiency will be more than 260 million yuan.
After a white cube facility, the staff told reporters that it was the largest urban water and industrial wastewater treatment project in North China that Tangshan invested in 320 million yuan in 2009. The industrial wastewater in the plant area and the purchased urban water are treated here and re-applied to production. Taking the reclaimed water as the production water source, Tanggang completely shut down the deep well water system, the new water consumption per ton of steel was “zero”, and the industrial wastewater achieved “zero” emissions.
"Look, the glass in our workshop is very bright. The main color of the walls is white and light gray, which are very light colors, which also reflects our determination and confidence in building ecological plants and ecological plants." In the cold rolling workshop, Workshop staff Wang Xiaohui proudly said.
Since 2008, Tangshan has successively dismantled three 450-cubic-meter blast furnaces that were not subject to national policy deadlines and the accompanying three 60-square-meter sintering machines and an 8-square-meter shaft furnace; the original three-roll mill was shut down and shut down. Ordinary wire production line and high-energy electric furnace steelmaking plant.
Up to now, Tanggang's comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel has achieved 575 kilograms of standard coal, and the “Eleventh Five-Year” energy-saving targets issued by the Hebei Provincial Government have been realized eight months in advance. While demonstrating the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction and environmental treatment engineering achievements, Tanggang has also shaped a new image of clean, environmentally friendly and green steel companies.
A deep-processing steel logistics company
“Logistics companies have steel resources, and then combine logistics with steel processing. The industrial chain has been extended, and the advantages of logistics companies have also been expanded.”
The first enterprise adjacent to Tangshan Modern Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Zone is Tangshan Jiayuan Trading Co., Ltd., a steel logistics enterprise established in the 1990s. Walking into the trading floor, many truck drivers are handling the delivery procedures.
“Even when the steel market is very sluggish, our warehouses rarely press the goods.” Feng Wei, marketing director of Tangshan Jiayuan Trading Co., Ltd. told reporters, “We have the advantage of warehousing and processing.”
In the warehouse behind the trading floor, a large CNC machine flattens the coils and cuts them, while the passages are lined with large trucks waiting to be picked up. Feng Wei told reporters that Jiayuan has 8 large-scale CNC automatic coiling and flattening and finishing lines, and has the processing capacity of processing more than 5,000 tons per day.
"Logistics enterprises have steel resources, and then combine logistics with steel processing. The industrial chain has been extended, and the advantages of logistics enterprises have also been expanded. As a traditional trading company, we can only survive by transforming this path." Feng Wei said .
Going through a large warehouse is a slightly smaller workshop. On both sides of the workshop is the production line, in the middle is a precision instrument worth more than 3 million yuan. There are not many workers in the workshop, and the finished area is filled with various small-sized processing parts, some of which are only the size of a key. Here is the precision processing workshop of Jiayuan Trading Co., Ltd., where large sheets of steel are processed into small steel parts.
“It is very easy to understand the simple cutting. Should the deep processing not be done by the steel casting factory?” the reporter asked.
“We have our advantages.” Feng Wei said, “First of all, we have steel resources in our hands. We don’t have to buy them in the market, and the raw material costs are saved. Secondly, we can integrate the needs of different companies. One steel plate is the largest in our hands. To the extent that it is applied, the scrap of a general steel foundry can also be our raw material."
It is precisely because of the advantages of low cost and good quality that Jiayuan's precision processing business has been widely praised by customers for a short time.
A rising modern equipment manufacturing industrial zone
“'One steel is the biggest one' is not what Tangshan hopes to see.” Chen Guoying, the mayor of Tangshan City, said, “It is our goal to digest half of the steel produced in Tangshan on the spot. The 'good appetite' of 'digestion' comes from the industry. The extension of the chain comes from the development of the equipment manufacturing industry."
Based on this idea, Tangshan Modern Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Zone came into being. The predecessor of the modern equipment manufacturing industrial zone is the Chengnan Industrial Zone in the Kaiping District of Tangshan City. In 2004, the Chengnan Industrial Zone was basically formed. With the changes in the development environment, especially Tangshan City proposed to adjust the industrial structure, in 2006, Chengnan Industrial Zone became the development of the equipment manufacturing industry-based park, and changed its name to the modern equipment manufacturing industrial zone.
Today, the modern equipment manufacturing industrial zone covers an area of ​​20 square kilometers. It is the largest industrial zone in the downtown area of ​​Tangshan. There are 36 enterprises in the company and 70% of equipment manufacturing enterprises.
Speaking of the world's top 500 companies, Sumitomo is in the park, and Xue Chen, deputy director of the Tangshan Modern Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Zone Management Committee, is still very excited. Previously, Sumitomo did a lot of research work and planned to choose an industrial zone in multiple cities.
"It is our good service and sincerity that has touched foreign businessmen. The presence of Sumitomo is of great significance to the industrial zone," said Xue Chen. In June 2009, Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Construction Machinery (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. officially entered the park. The presence of well-known enterprises has enhanced the overall strength and external influence of the park. In addition to the two companies of Sumitomo of Japan, equipment manufacturing companies such as Sanjin Mingsheng and Yonghe Metallurgy have also settled in.
The reporter at Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. learned that the company's main products are high-intensity reducers, and the parts currently in need for global procurement. The Chinese staff of Sumitomo Heavy Industries revealed to reporters that backed by the largest steel industry base in the north, Sumitomo Heavy Industries is also establishing contacts with large steel plants including Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. More closely.
“The equipment manufacturing industry needs fine steel, which will also drive the industrial upgrading of Kaiping District and surrounding steel plants.” Xue Chen said, “The primary and rough products of the steel industry in Kaiping District are more, with the further development of the equipment manufacturing industry. Kaiping steel enterprises with geographical advantages will gradually turn to provide products for equipment manufacturing enterprises."
The reporter learned that Kaiping District is conducting research on building a demonstration base for the steel deep processing industry chain. If this base can be built, it will serve as an important resource for Tangshan's modern equipment manufacturing industrial zone. From then on, from rich primary products to intensive processing demonstration bases to equipment manufacturing industrial zones, the developed steel industry chain will form an ups and downs in Kaiping District. This also shows us that the driving role of the equipment manufacturing industry in the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry is increasingly apparent.