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Yangzhou XinMing Metal Processing Co.,Ltd was established in 2001,owning more than 150 staff,and covering an area of nearly 20,000 sqaure meters.It is the new dveloping enterprises of the manufac-turing of domestic metallurgical equipment. In 2005.


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Fusion Innovation Accelerates China's Steel Power Country Dream

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China is a big country in steel production. Since the steel output exceeded 100 million tons for the first time in 1996, it has consistently ranked first in the world's steel production. At present, China is in the process of transforming from a big steel country to a steel power. China's steel industry has reached the level of a steel power in some aspects. However, in order to truly realize the steel "powerful dream", it is necessary to improve and enrich several weakness. Among them, taking the road of integration and innovation of informationization and steel industry will be one of the important development directions of the whole industry in the future.
With the steel industry entering the era of low profit, most steel trade enterprises are facing severe market situation and transformation pressure. The whole industry is at the crossroads of restructuring and integration. Can informationization help enterprises achieve management innovation, improve management efficiency, and ultimately improve? The competitiveness of enterprises has become an important issue in the entire industry.
With the continuous deepening of the information application of steel enterprises, the major domestic steel companies, whether in manufacturing, distribution or logistics, have fully realized the value of informationization to improve management level. The overall information construction and quality tracking management will become Hot spots and trends in the future development of informatization in the steel industry. Of course, the informationization of the steel industry also has its own particularity. To complete the overall informationization project is a huge challenge for any solution provider. In addition to professional skills and industry experience, solution providers must also work hard on innovation awareness and service attitude. Although the informatization construction of the steel industry has taken the first step and achieved some achievements, it has contributed to the healthy development of the steel industry. However, there are still some shortcomings in the Chinese steel industry. For the workers in the information industry of the steel industry, the next step is a long way to go.
With the increasingly fierce competition in the international and international markets, the rapid development of information technology, and the arrival of the information society, the steel industry is increasingly in need of an integrated operation system with high integration of enterprise management and control and highly coordinated business departments under the conditions of informationization. Technology supports the green steel industry, networked industry chain integration and digital product lifecycle control.
In China's steel industry, which is in an important period of strategic adjustment, the crisis and opportunities coexist, and development and contradictions coexist. How to find opportunities in the response to the crisis, solve the existing problems, and have a place in the international market. Accelerating the transition from a steel manufacturing country to a manufacturing powerhouse is a major issue that must be deeply considered, and is also the responsibility of every employee in the steel industry. Unshirkable responsibility.