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Three hundred million tons of bauxite mines were discovered in Henan Province in three years

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On January 20, the reporter learned from the Department of Land and Resources of Henan Province that in recent years, the results of the bauxite prospecting in Henan Province have been outstanding, and 800 million tons of bauxite resources have been submitted in the past three years.
Zhang Xingliao, chief engineer of the Department of Land and Resources of Henan Province, introduced that at the end of 2010, the Ministry of Land and Resources held a symposium on comprehensively promoting the new mechanism of geological prospecting in Zhengzhou, proposing “a significant progress in three years, a major breakthrough in five years, and a reshaping in eight years. The "358" target of the geology and mineral exploration and development pattern. After three years of hard work, the geological exploration personnel of our province have made great achievements in the prospecting of bauxite. He said that in the past three years, each exploration unit has submitted 17 pre-investigations, general surveys and detailed investigation projects for bauxite mines of medium and above scale, and submitted a total of 31.503 million tons of bauxite resources and predicted 48.853 million tons of bauxite resources for 3 years. 286.08% of the prospecting target.
The investigation found that the bauxite deposits under the coal seams in our province are rich. In the coal-under-aluminum census project in Cao Kiln, Dianchi County, geological surveyors found a large-scale bauxite deposit and submitted 175 million tons of new bauxite resources to provide an extra-large bauxite resource for the country. In the pre-inspection of coal-bearing bauxite mines in Yiyang County, according to the estimated resource amount of the mines in the construction mines, the bauxite resources amounted to 41.58 million tons, and it is expected to find a large-scale high-quality bauxite mine. . The pre-inspection of coal-bearing bauxite in Yanzhou coalfield found that the surveyed area has a reserve of 919.604 million tons of bauxite resources, and its resource reserves have reached the scale of large-scale deposits.
West Henan is still the bauxite enrichment area of ​​our province. The bauxite mine in the Yushan mining area of ​​Xin'an County discovered a total of 23.627 million tons of bauxite, and submitted a large bauxite resource base for the country; the Xiaolongmiao bauxite mine in Dianchi County estimated the bauxite resource amount of 20.065 million. T.; Pre-inspection of the bauxite in the deep coal mine of Luolong (Luoyang), 9 preliminary bauxite ore bodies were identified, and the estimated bauxite resources were 115 million tons, which reached a large scale; in Lushan-Baofeng Hanliang area, one The bauxite mine has estimated the amount of bauxite resources to be 58.22 million tons.