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Metallurgical Mining Development Research Center was established in Anshan Iron and Steel

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The first national-level metallurgical mine economic development research institute, the Metallurgical Mining Development Research Center, which was established by China Metallurgical Mining Enterprise Association and undertaken by Anshan Iron and Steel Mining Co., was recently unveiled at Angang.
Resource security is an important part of national security. In recent years, China's steel production capacity has expanded rapidly, demand for iron ore has increased sharply, and foreign dependence has reached 70%. Iron ore is highly dependent on imports, which not only makes it difficult for the steel industry to get out of trouble, but also seriously threatens the national industrial economic security. In March of this year, China launched the first "medium and long-term development plan for iron ore industry", aiming to build an iron ore resource security system, stabilize international iron ore prices, and support the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry.
It is understood that the establishment of the Metallurgical and Mining Development Research Center is an embodiment of the important measures to accelerate the preparation of the Medium and Long-term Development Plan for the Iron and Mineral Industry and the implementation of the National Resource Security Strategy and Industrial Structure Adjustment. It will unite the wisdom and strength of all aspects of the country, play the role of think tanks, intellectual pool, systematically solve industrial policy, industrial strategy, industrial planning, industrial layout, industrial organization, industrial economy, industrial operation and other major impacts on the development of metallurgical mining industry. The problem is to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's steel industry and realize the sustainable development of China's iron ore industry.
According to reports, as a non-profit research and consulting organization, the Metallurgical Mining Development Research Center mainly relies on the operation and management of Angang Steel Mining Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in China's iron ore industry, to play an important role in the strategic management, industrialization and technological innovation of Anshan Iron and Steel Mining. Leading role in engineering management, etc., carry out research on metallurgical mining enterprise development strategy and control, competitiveness and business model, enterprise cost and technology economy, solve major problems in industry development, and realize scientific development and innovation for domestic iron ore enterprises Development and green development provide intellectual support. At the same time, the center can further promote Angang Steel to build China's first world-class iron ore mining enterprise, and consolidate and develop Angang's position as the most resource-intensive enterprise in the domestic steel industry. It is reported that the center will set up high-quality experts and authoritative research teams to study the economic, policy and related issues of the metallurgical and mining industry, overall, long-term, strategic and comprehensive issues, timely analysis of industry developments, and forecast of industry development trends. Provide basis and reference for decision-making of relevant departments; carry out research on basic and applied countermeasures such as policies and regulations, strategic planning, resource allocation, institutional mechanism, industrial policy, sustainable development according to industry needs, and provide basic business support and decision-making consultation for industry reform and development Services; tracking the development of the world's mining industry, grasping the development trend of the world's mining industry, researching the countermeasures of "going out", conducting international cooperation research and exchanges, providing reference and reference for the reform and development of domestic metallurgical mining.